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FedEx EV delivery van

As part of a study including Columbia University and General Electric, Federal Express has deployed 10 electric delivery vans in Manhattan. The company has currently deployed a total of 43 electric vehicles in London, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City as an experiment to determine their cost-effectiveness. Keshav Sondhi, FedEx’s manager of global vehicles explains that each of these vans “requires the same amount of energy as an average suburban house.” No one yet knows how plugging in the 100 to 200 vehicles at a major distribution center may affect the power grid.

Erik Koepf and Ajay Prasad with solar reactor

Hydrogen is currently extracted from natural gas, which releases carbon dioxide (a deadly greenhouse gas) as waste. Erik Koepf, a student at the University of Delaware believes he may have found a solution to the vexing problem that this represents. A mechanical engineering doctoral candidate, Koepf has devised a "solar reactor" which he describes as a “potentially sustainable energy path for the future”.

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